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titleDevelopment of a Radiation Analysis Code for Hypervelocity Reentry Applications
Author(jpn)藤田, 和央; 安部, 隆士
Author(eng)Fujita, Kazuhisa; Abe, Takashi
Author Affiliation(jpn)宇宙科学研究所; 宇宙科学研究所
Author Affiliation(eng)Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS); Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS)
Issue Date2003-03
Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
Publication titleThe Institute of Space and Astronautical Science report. S.P.
Aerodynamics, Thermophysics, Thermal Protection, Flight System Analysis and Design of Asteroid Sample Return Capsule
Start page69
End page82
Publication date2003-03
AbstractThe computer code SPRADIAN, a structured package for radiation analysis, has been developed. This study is primarily motivated by the MUSES-C sample return mission which encounters severe radiative environments during reentry into the earth atmosphere. In comparison with other radiation programs, much attention is paid to extension of the temperature range up to 100,000 K, detailed treatment of UV and VUV radiation, and flexibility with applications. The bound-bound, bound-free, and free-free transitions of monoatomic and diatomic species are taken into account. The emission and absorption coefficients of the bound-bound transition are calculated by the line-by-line method, while the others are computed by using corresponding cross-sections evaluated by the quantum defect method. In order to evaluate the radiative heating rate of the capsule, two approximate models are introduced to integrate the radiative heat transfer equation, in addition to a more detailed three-dimensional model. Accuracy of the program is examined, and some practical applications are reviewed.
Document TypeDepartmental Bulletin Paper
JAXA Category宇宙科学研究所

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