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titleHII/L2 Mission: a New Space Telescope for Mid- and Far-Infrared Astronomy
Author(eng)Takao, NAKAGAWA; The, HII; L2, Mission, Working, Group
Author Affiliation(eng)The Institute of Space and Astronautical Science; The HII; L2 Mission Working Group
Issue Date2000-12
PublisherInstitute of Space and Astronautical Science
Publication titleThe Institute of Space and Astronautical Science repot. S.P.
Start page189
End page196
Publication date2000-12
AbstractWe present the concept of the HII/L2 (or SPICA) mission, which incorporates a 3.5 mtelescope cooled to 4.5 K. HII/L2 will focus on high-resolution mid- to far-infrared observationswith unprecedented sensitivity. It will make great contributions to our understanding of basicastronomical questions, such as the history of star-formation in the universe, the birth and evolutionof AGN, the formation of planets in extrasolar systems, and the history of our solar system.To realize the mission, we propose a "warm launch" cooled telescope concept; the telescope is tobe launched at ambient temperature and is to be cooled in orbit to 4.5 K by a modest mechanicalcooler system with the assistance of effective radiative cooling. HII/L2 is proposed to be launchedinto a halo orbit around S-E L2 in 2010.
Document TypeDepartmental Bulletin Paper
JAXA Category宇宙科学研究所

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