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titleScience with a Large, Far-Infrared Telescope
Author(eng)George, H. RIEKE
Author Affiliation(eng)Steward Observatory, University of Arizona
Issue Date2000-12
PublisherInstitute of Space and Astronautical Science
Publication titleThe Institute of Space and Astronautical Science repot. S.P.
Start page233
End page240
Publication date2000-12
AbstractThe behavior of interstellar gas and dust is responsible for many intriguing mysteries ofthe Universe, giving the far-infrared/submm spectral region a special importance. A new generationof FIR/Submm space instruments is needed to realize the full potential of this broad spectralrange. We show how these advanced FIR/Submm missions can make basic contributions to ourunderstanding of questions ranging from the birth of stars and planets and the process of cometand asteroid impact on the Earth to the history of star formation and active galactic nuclei overthe life of the Universe.
Document TypeDepartmental Bulletin Paper
JAXA Category宇宙科学研究所

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