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Other TitleCharging characteristics in proton beam irradiated polymide
Author(jpn)沼田, 誠也; 三宅, 弘晃; 田中, 康寛; 高田, 達雄; 岩井, 岳夫
Author(eng)Numata, Seiya; Miyake, Hiroaki; Tanaka, Yasuhiro; Takada, Tatsuo; Iwai, Takeo
Author Affiliation(jpn)東京都市大学; 東京都市大学; 東京都市大学; 東京都市大学; 東京大学
Author Affiliation(eng)Tokyo City University; Tokyo City University; Tokyo City University; Tokyo City University; University of Tokyo
Issue Date2010-02-26
PublisherJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Publication titleJAXA special publication: Proceedings of the 6th Spacecraft Enivironment Symposium
宇宙航空研究開発機構特別資料: 第6回「宇宙環境シンポジウム」講演論文集
Publication date2010-02-26
AbstractThe purpose of our research work is to measure the space charge distribution in proton beam irradiated dielectric materials for spacecrafts. Spacecrafts sometimes have a serious damage due to the electro static discharge accident. It is said that the charge accumulation in dielectric materials irradiated by high energy charged particles in space environment causes the discharge accident. Therefore, we need to measure the charge distribution in the bulk of dielectric materials. We have been developing a system for measuring internal charge distribution in dielectric materials using Pulsed Electro-Acoustic (PEA) method. Using the system, we tried to measure the charge distribution after proton beam irradiated polyimide (PI) and fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer (FEP) films which have been used as a thermal control layers or an optical solar reflector of spacecrafts. From the result, it is found that positive charges accumulate in bulk of PI and FEP films after proton beam irradiation of the proton beams. However, the amounts of accumulated positive charge in PI increase with increase of irradiation time, while those in FEP decrease. Therefore, it is found that the charge accumulation properties strongly depend on the kinds of irradiated materials.
DescriptionOriginal contains color illustrations
Meeting Information: 6th Spacecraft Enivironment Symposium (February 29-30, 2009. Kitakyushu International Conference Center)
形態: カラー図版あり
会議情報: 第6回宇宙環境シンポジウム (2009年2月29日-30日. 北九州国際会議場)
KeywordsSpacecraft, Dielectric material, Proton-beam, Charge distribution, PEA method, PI; 宇宙機、絶縁材料、プロトン、電荷分布、PEA法、ポリイミド
Document TypeConference Paper
JAXA Category特別資料
Report NoJAXA-SP-09-006

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