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Other TitleDevelopment of high power solid-state amplifiers for the wireless power transmission in the wireless information and energy transmission system
Author(jpn)川崎, 繁男; 清田, 晴信
Author(eng)Kawasaki, Shigeo; Seita, Harunobu
Author Affiliation(jpn)宇宙航空研究開発機構宇宙科学研究本部; 京都大学生存圏研究所
Author Affiliation(eng)Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)(ISAS); Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University
Issue Date2009-06
PublisherInstitute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Publication titleSpace Energy Symposium
Publication date2009-06
AbstractAs one of advanced technologies, a wireless information and energy transmission technology has been paid great attention. One key-technology is the development of a solid-state high power transmitter. In this report, the study of the high power semiconductor amplifier is introduced in terms of wireless power transmission applied to SSPS or a rescue robot. The adopted solid-state amplifier is the high power GaAs FET. As the first step, the hybrid multi-stage amplifier circuit has been developed with the unique circuit configuration of creased substrate structure. Then, for the size reduction, the high power MMIC amplifier was fabricated with the better performance compared with the hybrid high power amplifier circuit. For the Active Integrated Antenna, AIA, the heat sink mechanism by the creased circuit substrate was also integrated into the AIA of the combination of the amplifier circuit and a planar antenna. Using this technique, the three types of the compact AIA array were fabricated and tested with the stable operation condition due to the good heat sink mechanism. Using one high power AIA array with the output power of 120 W, Wireless Power Transmission, WPT, experiment has been carried out to show the power delivery to the rover wirelessly. This experiment was finished successfully. Then, it is believed that the fundamental data for the wireless information and energy transmission were obtained.
Description会議情報: 第28回宇宙エネルギーシンポジウム(2009年3月9日, 宇宙航空研究開発機構宇宙科学研究本部相模原キャンパス)
Meeting Information: The twenty-eight Space Energy Symposium (March 9, 2009. Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Sagamihara)
Document TypeConference Paper
JAXA Categoryシンポジウム・研究会

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