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titleRadiants and orbits of the 2001 Leonids
Author(jpn)重野, 好彦; 塩井, 宏幸; 重野, 智子
Author(eng)SHIGENO, Yoshihiko; SHIOI, Hiroyuki; SHIGENO, Tomoko
Author Affiliation(jpn)流星物理セミナー; 流星物理セミナー; 流星物理セミナー
Author Affiliation(eng)Meteor Science Seminar; Meteor Science Seminar; Meteor Science Seminar
Issue Date2003-03
PublisherInstitute of Space and Astronautical Science
Publication titleThe Institute of Space and Astronautical Science repot. S.P.
Start page55
End page62
Publication date2003-03
AbstractThe storm occurred on November 18, 2001 as McNaught and Asher forecast, anddouble-station observation of the Leonids with photographs and TV was carried out. 75 photographsand 35 TV images were obtained of the Leonids. The average radiant of all of the photographicmeteors was right ascension of 154.39 (SD=0.12), declination of 21.45 (SD=0.09)> andVG=70.60 km/s (SD=0.22). (SD is the standard deviation of the extent of the data.) The averagesolar longitude was 236.461 (J2000). According to the forecast, the radiants for 9 revolutions and4 revolutions varied by approximately 0.084 degrees. The radiant error must be properly evaluatedin order to confirm this. An error oval was used to evaluate the radiant error. It was understoodthat the radiant extended further than the forecast from using a sufHciently small radiant error.The separation timing and speed may have been more varied when the meteor material separatedfrom the parent comet. The TV observation observed meteor material with a small mass. Theobservation obtained an extended radiant. This means that the meteor material with a small massdispersed. This relational expression was obtained by learning from the photographs and TV thatthe brighter the meteor, the higher the beginning height and the lower the end height. Moreover,Our observation showed the highest height was over 173 km.
Document TypeDepartmental Bulletin Paper
JAXA Category宇宙科学研究所

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