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Other TitlePyrotechnics developments of recovery system for NEXST-1
Author(jpn)本田 雅久; 水野 拓哉
Author(eng)Honda, Masahisa; Mizuno, Takuya
Author Affiliation(jpn)宇宙航空研究開発機構 航空プログラムグループ 超音速機チーム; 宇宙航空研究開発機構 総合技術研究本部 航空エンジン技術開発センター
Author Affiliation(eng)Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Supersonic Transport Team, Aviation Program Group; Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Aeroengine Technology Center, Institute of Aerospace Technology
Issue Date2008-01-31
PublisherJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Publication date2008-01-31
AbstractNEXST-1 (National EXperimental Supersonic Transport-1) airplane was successfully launched and recovered on October 10th in Australia Woomera test range. Its recovery system utilizes many kinds of pyrotechnics in order to eject parachutes, cut reefing lines, disconnect the parachutes, change the airplane from vertical to horizontal position and open the gas bottle valves of airbags. The number of these pyrotechnics amounts to 33. This paper summarizes the performance of each pyrotechnics of the recovery system and discusses some development test data.
DescriptionJAXA Research and Development Memorandum
Keywordsrecovery system; NEXST-1; supersonic aircraft; flight test vehicle; pyrotechnics; recovery parachute; soft landing; airbag; aircraft design; attitude stability; 回収系; NEXST-1; 超音速機; 飛行試験機; 火工品; 回収パラシュート; 軟着陸; エアバッグ; 航空機設計; 姿勢安定性
Document TypeTechnical Report
JAXA Category研究開発資料
Report NoJAXA-RM-07-006

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