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Other TitleConcept, missions and program status of the H-2A rocket
Author(jpn)渡辺 篤太郎
Author(eng)Watanabe, Atsutaro
Author Affiliation(jpn)宇宙開発事業団
Author Affiliation(eng)National Space Development Agency of Japan
Issue Date1996-09
PublisherNational Aerospace Laboratory (NAL)
Publication title航空宇宙技術研究所特別資料
Special Publication of National Aerospace Laboratory
Start page5
End page9
Publication date1996-09
AbstractIn addition to launching satellites, logistics supply to the International Space Station/Japanese Experiment Module (ISS/JEM), launching of lunar and planetary probes, technology verification for the H-2 Orbiting Plane (HOPE), and so on are under study as the space missions to be conducted at the beginning of the new century. The National Space Development Agency of Japan is developing the H-2A rocket to meet these diversifying missions and to conduct them efficiently and economically. This paper presents the purposes, concept, and philosophy of system planning of the H-2A rocket, the combinations of the H-2A and a transfer vehicle to the ISS/JEM and an experimental winged reentry vehicle HOPE-X.
KeywordsH 2A rocket; hypersonic test vehicle; HTV; payload; H 2A orbiting plane experimental program; HOPE X; system planning; space transportation system; reusable vehicle; space exploring vehicle; H-2Aロケット; 極超音速試験機; HTV; ペイロード; 宇宙往還技術試験機計画; HOPE-X; システム計画; 宇宙輸送システム; 再使用機; 宇宙探査機
Document TypeConference Paper
JAXA Category航空宇宙技術研究所
Report NoNAL-SP-32

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