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Other TitleGravity change modulates synaptic plasticity in rat amygdala and hippocampus
Author(jpn)粂井 康宏; 下川 伶子; 大谷 啓一; 下川 仁弥太; 木本 万里; Zeredo, Jorge; 岡田 幸雄; 戸田 一雄
Author(eng)Kumei, Yasuhiro; Shimokawa, Reiko; Oya, Keiichi; Shimokawa, Hitoyata; Kimoto, Mari; Zeredo, Jorge; Okada, Yukio; Toda, Kazuo
Author Affiliation(jpn)東京医科歯科大学; 東京医科歯科大学; 東京医科歯科大学; 東京医科歯科大学; 日本女子大学; 長崎大学; 長崎大学; 長崎大学
Author Affiliation(eng)Tokyo Medical and Dental University; Tokyo Medical and Dental University; Tokyo Medical and Dental University; Tokyo Medical and Dental University; Japan Women's University; Nagasaki University; Nagasaki University; Nagasaki University
Issue Date2005-03
PublisherInstitute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA/ISAS)
Publication title宇宙利用シンポジウム 第21回 平成16年度
Space Utilization Research: Proceedings of the Twenty-first Space Utilization Symposium
Start page225
End page227
Publication date2005-03
AbstractThe effects of 2 G hypergravity on the synaptic plasticity of hippocampus and amygdale were examined. After 5 min exposure to 2 G, rats were sacrificed and brain slices were prepared immediately. LTP (Long Term Potentiation) was analyzed by measuring the change in the amplitude of the negative deflection of field potential in hippocampus CA1 (Cornu Ammonis 1) and basolateral amygdala nucleus after tetanus stimulus of the Schaffer Collateral or entorhinal cortex, respectively. It was found that hypergravity significantly increased the efficiency of synaptic transmission in both hippocampus and amygdala. The synaptic plasticity in the limbic system might be a primarily sensitive response site to gravity change.
Keywordsgravitational effect; synaptic plasticity; hippocampus; amygdala; synapse; electric stimulus; gravitational stimulus; long term potentiation; field potential; 重力効果; シナプス可塑性; 海馬; 扁桃体; シナプス; 電気刺激; 重力刺激; 長期増強現象; 外界電位
Document TypeConference Paper
JAXA Categoryシンポジウム・研究会

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