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Other TitleTherapeutic massage for the astronauts in consideration of muscle tonus and circulatory dynamics under microgravity
Author(jpn)三井 石根; 山田 義也
Author(eng)Mitsui, Iwane; Yamada, Yoshiya
Author Affiliation(jpn)三井メディカルクリニック; 三井メディカルクリニック
Author Affiliation(eng)Mitsui Medical Clinic; Mitsui Medical Clinic
Issue Date2005-03
PublisherInstitute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA/ISAS)
Publication title宇宙利用シンポジウム 第21回 平成16年度
Space Utilization Research: Proceedings of the Twenty-first Space Utilization Symposium
Start page245
End page248
Publication date2005-03
AbstractThis report addresses how to release the back pain and cephalad edema of astronauts under microgravity during space flight. To study on spinal response under microgravity simulation, an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) compatible spinal compression harness was developed. Three healthy male subjects were fitted with a spinal compression harness and placed supine in a MRI scanner. Longitudinal distance between T7/8 and L5/S1 discs decreased 5.6 mm with 50 percent BW (Body Weight) compression. Lumbosacral angle increased 17.2 degrees. To release back pain in space, therapeutic massage is strongly advised to maintain the proper spinal curvature and balanced muscle tonus.
Keywordstherapeutic massage; back pain; spinal compression; lordotic angle; astronaut; microgravity; head down tilt; space flight stress; edema; muscular tonus; 治療的マッサージ; 腰痛; 脊髄圧迫; 前弯角; 宇宙飛行士; 微小重力; ヘッドダウンティルト; 宇宙飛行ストレス; 浮腫; 筋緊張
Document TypeConference Paper
JAXA Categoryシンポジウム・研究会

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