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titleKISS & HOPブースター近未来実証モデル試案
Other TitleKISS and HOP reusable booster near term draft
Author(jpn)青木 宏
Author(eng)Aoki, Hiroshi
Author Affiliation(jpn)宇宙開発事業団 技術研究本部システム技術研究部
Author Affiliation(eng)National Space Development Agency of Japan Systems Engineering Department, Office of Research and Development
Issue Date1995-03-31
PublisherNational Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA)
Publication title宇宙開発事業団技術報告
NASDA Technical Memorandum
Start page1冊
Publication date1995-03-31
AbstractThis report presents a novel concept of space transportation for multiple purposes of future space users. The most important consideration for future space transportation is an increased efficiency, low cost and operational flexibility to reach at the low earth orbit. 'Reuse' of space vehicle is proposed to achieve the desired development of the future space transportation system. As the performance of the first stage booster is relatively insensitive to weight, 'Recovery and Reuse' should be promoted, utilizing unmanned and automation technology. Upon this concept, a construction example of 'Reuse booster' is presented using component parts of already developed H-2 rocket.
Keywordsspace transportation system; low earth orbit; low cost; reuse booster; reuse; first stage booster; unmanned technology; automation technology; recovery; H 2 rocket; launch vehicle; 宇宙輸送体系; 地球低軌道; 低コスト化; 再利用ブースタ; 再使用化; 打上げ機下段; 無人技術; 自動化技術; 回収; H-2ロケット; 打ち上げロケット
Document TypeTechnical Report
JAXA Category宇宙開発事業団
Report NoNASDA-TMR-950007

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