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titleEngineering of systems for application of scientific computing in industry
Other Title産業における科学計算の適用を行うためのシステムに関する工学
Author(jpn)Loeve, W.
Author(eng)Loeve, W.
Author Affiliation(jpn)National Aerospace Laboratory
Author Affiliation(eng)National Aerospace Laboratory
Issue Date1992-12
PublisherNational Aerospace Laboratory (NAL)
Publication title航空宇宙技術研究所特別資料:第10回航空機計算空気力学シンポジウム論文集
Special publication of National Aerospace Laboratory: Proceedings of the NAL symposium on aircraft computational aerodynamics
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End page5
Publication date1992-12
AbstractMathematics software is of growing importance for computer simulation in industrial computer aided engineering. To be applicable in industry the mathematics software and supporting software must be structured in such a way that functions and performance can be maintained easily. In the present paper a method is described for development of mathematics software in such a way that this requirement can be met.
Keywordscomputer program; flow solver; software engineering; development methodology; mathematics software; computer programming; computer simulation; project planning; program module structure; information technology; information system; information sharing; data management; コンピュータプログラム; 流れ解法プログラム; ソフトウェア工学; 開発方法論; 解析用ソフトウェア; コンピュータプログラミング; コンピュータシミュレーション; プロジェクト計画法; プログラムモジュール構造; 情報工学; 情報システム; 情報共有化; データ管理
Document TypeConference Paper
JAXA Category航空宇宙技術研究所
Report NoNAL-SP-19

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