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Other TitleEvaluation of STOL approach and landing of the quiet STOL experimental aircraft ASKA
Author(jpn)中村 勝; 照井 祐之
Author(eng)Nakamura, Masaru; Terui, Yushi
Author Affiliation(jpn)航空宇宙技術研究所 飛行実験部; 航空宇宙技術研究所 飛行実験部
Author Affiliation(eng)National Aerospace Laboratory Flight Research Division; National Aerospace Laboratory Flight Research Division
Issue Date1997-12
PublisherNational Aerospace Laboratory (NAL)
Publication title航空宇宙技術研究所報告
Technical Report of National Aerospace Laboratory
Start page1冊
Publication date1997-12
AbstractThe quiet STOL (Short Take off and Landing) experimental aircraft 'ASKA' was developed by the National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL) and flight tests were conducted at Gifu airfield between April 1, 1986 and March 31, 1989. This report describes the flight evaluation of STOL approach and landing problems.
KeywordsSTOL; short take off and landing; STOL experimental aircraft; flight evaluation; approach landing; flight test; noise suppression; flight control system; low noise engine; SCAS; stability and control augmentation system; SCAS control law; UBS; upper surface blowing; STOL; 短滑走路離着陸; STOL実験機; 操縦評価; 進入着陸; 飛行試験; 騒音抑制; 操縦系統; 低騒音エンジン; SCAS; 安定操縦増大装置; SCAS制御則; USB; 翼上面吹出
Document TypeTechnical Report
JAXA Category航空宇宙技術研究所
Report NoNAL-TR-1341

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