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Other TitleHigh Speed Flight Demonstration (HSFD) phase 2
Author(jpn)NAL/NASDA HOPE研究共同チーム
Author(eng)NAL/NASDA HOPE Team
Author Affiliation(jpn)NAL/NASDA HOPE研究共同チーム HOPE-Xグループ 高速飛行実証班
Author Affiliation(eng)NAL/NASDA HOPE Team High Speed Flight Demonstration Subgroup, HOPE-X Group
Issue Date2005-03-07
PublisherJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Publication date2005-03-07
AbstractThe High-Speed Flight Demonstration (HSFD) project is the latest in a series of flight experiments in a research program into reusable space transportation systems being conducted by JAXA. The project consists of two phases which use sub-scale demonstrators based on the HOPE-X (H-2 Orbiting Plane, Experimental) winged re-entry vehicle configuration. Phase 2 was a drop test from a stratospheric balloon to clarify the transonic aerodynamic characteristics of the HOPE-X configuration and to obtain data to validate wind tunnel tests and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) predictions. The first Phase 2 flight was conducted at the Esrange test site in Sweden in July 2003 in collaboration with Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales of France (CNES). Although the experiment had to be discontinued after an anomaly of the recovery system resulted in damage to the vehicle, flight test data were obtained at Mach 0.8, and fully autonomous flight control technologies for the transonic speed region were demonstrated. The data obtained from the HSFD project are expected to provide essential information for development of future reusable space transportation systems.
DescriptionJAXA Research and Development Report
Keywordsreusable space transportation system; winged reentry vehicle; High Speed Flight Demonstration; computational fluid dynamics; flight test; transonic aerodynamics; aerodynamic characteristic; wind tunnel test; 再使用型宇宙輸送系; 有翼再突入機; 高速飛行実証; 計算流体力学; 飛行試験; 遷音速空力学; 空力特性; 風洞試験
Document TypeTechnical Report
JAXA Category研究開発報告
Report NoJAXA-RR-04-026

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