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Other TitleEvaluation of interlaminar shear strength testing method for carbon/carbon composite materials
Author(jpn)野口 義男
Author(eng)Noguchi, Yoshio
Author Affiliation(jpn)航空宇宙技術研究所 機体部
Author Affiliation(eng)National Aerospace Laboratory Airframe Division
Issue Date1997-12
PublisherNational Aerospace Laboratory (NAL)
Publication title航空宇宙技術研究所資料
Technical Memorandum of National Aerospace Laboratory
Start page1冊
Publication date1997-12
AbstractThis report shows the results of interlaminar shear tests of carbon fiber fabric reinforced carbon matrix composite materials. Test data were collected in order to evaluate the following two main test methods: a compression test of double notched specimen and a three-point bending test of a short beam specimen, which may be standardized for estimating interlaminar shear strength.
Keywordsheat resistant composite material; carbon fiber; carbon matrix; interlaminar shear strength test; short beam specimen; three point bending test; double notched specimen; compression test; FRP; fiber reinforced plastic; interlaminar shear fracture; buckling preventive jig; C C composite material; carbon carbon composite material; 耐熱性複合材料; 炭素繊維; 炭素マトリックス; 層間せん断強さ試験; 短梁試験片; 3点曲げ試験; 目違い切欠き試験片; 圧縮試験; FRP; 繊維強化プラスチック; 層間せん断破壊; 座屈防止ジグ; C/C複合材料; カーボン繊維カーボン樹脂複合材料
Document TypeTechnical Report
JAXA Category航空宇宙技術研究所
Report NoNAL-TM-722

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