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Other TitleThin film formation by using aerosol deposition method under microgravity conditions
Author(jpn)渡邉 匡人; 中野 禅; 明渡 純
Author(eng)Watanabe, Masahito; Nakano, Shizuka; Akedo, Jun
Author Affiliation(jpn)学習院大学 理学部 物理学科; 産業技術総合研究所; 産業技術総合研究所
Author Affiliation(eng)Gakushuin University Department of Physics, Faculty of Science; National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology; National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Issue Date2007-03
PublisherInstitute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA/ISAS)
Publication title宇宙利用シンポジウム 第23回 平成18年度
Space Utilization Research: Proceedings of the Twenty-third Space Utilization Symposium
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End page46
Publication date2007-03
AbstractIn this research, we clarify the aerosol dynamics during thin film formation by using the Aerosol Deposition (AD) technique under the microgravity conditions. The aerosol deposition technique is useful for making thin film of ceramics materials. We are now trying this technique to make thin film of thermally unstable materials, such as clathrate compounds and/or amorphous materials. However, it is difficult to make homogeneously the aerosol of these materials in the terrestrial conditions, because in the terrestrial conditions the fine particles of these materials are settled down below the chamber during making its aerosol. Thus, in the microgravity conditions, we hope to make homogeneously aerosol for good quality of thin film by the aerosol deposition technique. For this purpose, we developed the system of AD technique under microgravity conditions during parabolic flight by airplane. Using the system, we succeeded to make thin films of (Pb (Ti, Zr) O3)(PZT(Lead Zirconate Titanate)) by the AD technique under microgravity conditions. From present results, we discussed about the relationship between aerosol flow and deposition conditions under microgravity conditions.
Keywordsaerosol deposition; AD method; deposition; aerosol; microparticle; thin film; lead zirconate titanate; PZT; parabolic flight; microgravity; high gravity environment; flow distribution; flow visualization; thickness distribution; エアロゾル・デポジション; AD法; デポジション; エアロゾル; 微小粒子; 薄膜; チタン酸鉛ジルコネート; PZT; 放物線飛行; 微小重力; 高重力環境; 流れ分布; 流れの可視化; 厚さ分布
Document TypeConference Paper
JAXA Categoryシンポジウム・研究会

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