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Other TitleStudy on flowfield around winged TSTO launch vehicle by visualization using the electrical discharge method
Author(jpn)瀬崎 新士; 中村 弘明; 西尾 正富; 山本 行光
Author(eng)Sezaki, Shinji; Nakamura, Hiroaki; Nishio, Masatomi; Yamamoto, Yukimitsu
Author Affiliation(jpn)福山大学 大学院; 福山大学 大学院; 福山大学 工学部; 宇宙航空研究開発機構 総合技術研究本部
Author Affiliation(eng)Fukuyama University Graduate School; Fukuyama University Graduate School; Fukuyama University Faculty of Engineering; Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Institute of Space Technology and Aeronautics
Issue Date2004-05
PublisherInstitute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA/ISAS)
Publication title宇宙航行の力学シンポジウム 平成15年度
Symposium on Flight Mechanics and Astrodynamics 2003
Start page119
End page122
Publication date2004-05
AbstractThe visualization of flowfield around a winged TSTO (Two Stage To Orbit) launch vehicle model has been carried out using the electrical discharge method. In this report, boundary layers and three-dimensional (lateral and cross-sectional) shock shapes around the model are demonstrated. The existence of a separation shock is confirmed three-dimensionally. The experiments are carried out using a hypersonic gun tunnel, with Mach number of 10 and duration of 10 ms.
Keywordsreusable spacecraft; TSTO; reusable launch vehicle; shock wave-boundary layer interaction; hypersonic flight; flow visualization; wind tunnel test; boundary layer separation; electric discharge; 再使用型宇宙機; TSTO; 再使用型打上げ機; 衝撃波-境界層干渉; 極超音速飛行; 流れの可視化; 風洞試験; 境界層剥離; 放電
Document TypeConference Paper
JAXA Categoryシンポジウム・研究会

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