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Other TitlePrediction of sound effects on a rocket by LEE
Author(jpn)岩永 則城; 金田 英和; 村上 桂一; 北村 圭一; 橋本 敦; 青山 剛史; 中村 佳朗
Author(eng)Iwanaga, Noriki; Kaneda, Hidekazu; Murakami, Keiichi; Kitamura, Keiichi; Hashimoto, Atsushi; Aoyama, Takashi; Nakamura, Yoshiaki
Author Affiliation(jpn)計算力学研究センター; 計算力学研究センター; 宇宙航空研究開発機構; 名古屋大学; 宇宙航空研究開発機構; 宇宙航空研究開発機構; 名古屋大学
Author Affiliation(eng)Research Center of Computational Mechanics Inc.; Research Center of Computational Mechanics Inc.; Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Nagoya University; Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Nagoya University
Issue Date2008-02-29
PublisherJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Publication title第39回流体力学講演会/航空宇宙数値シミュレーション技術シンポジウム2007論文集
Proceedings of 39th Fluid Dynamics Conference/Aerospace Numerical Simulation Symposium 2007
Start page107
End page112
Publication date2008-02-29
AbstractAcoustic loads are the principal source of structural vibration and internal noise during launch or static-firing operations. The loads cause various problems, so it is important to predict the acoustic loads on space vehicles such as a rocket. Conventionally, the prediction has been made by empirical methods. These methods have some limitations, since shielding and reflection are difficult to be dealt with. To avoid these difficulties, we are planning to use our LEE (Linearized Euler Equation) code and evaluate the acoustic field to predict the acoustic loads on a rocket. As a first step, we report the results of some benchmark tests for validating our code's precision.
DescriptionJAXA Special Publication
Keywordsrocket launching; launching site; aeroacoustics; aerodynamic noise; noise prediction; structural vibration; Euler equation of motion; acoustic load; sound wave; acoustic attenuation; acoustic propagation; ロケット打上げ; 射場; 空力音響学; 空力騒音; 騒音予測; 構造振動; オイラー運動方程式; 音響負荷; 音波; 音響減衰; 音響伝搬
Document TypeConference Paper
JAXA Category特別資料
Report NoJAXA-SP-07-016

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