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Other TitleThe laser energy transmission to the Kite-plane
Author(jpn)武田 和也; 河島 信樹; 松岡 久典; 岡部 和夫; 茂田 哲男
Author(eng)Takeda, Kazuya; Kawashima, Nobuki; Matsuoka, Hisanori; Okabe, Kazuo; Shigeta, Tetsuo
Author Affiliation(jpn)近畿大学; 近畿大学; 近畿大学; スカイリモート; スカイリモート
Author Affiliation(eng)Kinki University; Kinki University; Kinki University; Skyremote Co. Ltd.; Skyremote Co. Ltd.
Issue Date2006-06
PublisherInstitute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA/ISAS)
Publication title第25回宇宙エネルギーシンポジウム 平成17年度
The Twenty-fifth Space Energy Symposium March 10, 2006
Start page89
End page93
Publication date2006-06
AbstractWe have developed the laser energy transmission system for the model of airplane (Kite-plane). These are the model of the survey system for areas hit by natural disasters. The Kite-Plane has a solar panel (30 pieces of single junction GaAs solar cells) and receive the laser light. The laser diode we are using is a fibre-coupled type laser (lambda: 806.1 nm, output power: 200 W/cw, core diameter: 400 micrometer, NA: 0.22). The laser beam is focused about 33 cm diameter on the solar panel. The output power of the solar panel is about 40 W (laser output power: 300 W). The flight altitude is 50 m, and the circular flight radius is about 10 m. The kite-plane is tracked by the laser tracking system and receive laser beam. This tracking system is using a 4-element photodiode and a corner reflector. We have demonstrated the ability to use lasers as a source of power for the Kite-Plane at the Osaka Dome. The Kite-plane, which had a 30-minute test flight, used a battery to assist with take-off. (We have done a one-hour-flight before the demonstration in Osaka Dome.)
Keywordslaser beam; laser output; laser power beaming; semiconductor laser; radio control airplane; solar cell; remote control; disaster; automatic tracking system; レーザビーム; レーザ出力; レーザパワービーミング; 半導体レーザ; ラジコン飛行機; 太陽電池; リモートコントロール; 災害; 自動追尾システム
Document TypeConference Paper
JAXA Categoryシンポジウム・研究会

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