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Other TitleElectrostatic discharge experiment with a large solar array coupon
Author(jpn)川崎 崇; 三丸 雄也; 志方 吉夫; 細田 聡史; Kim, Jeongho; Cho, Mengu
Author(eng)Kawasaki, Takashi; Sanmaru, Yuya; Shikata, Yoshio; Hosoda, Satoshi; Kim, Jeongho; Cho, Mengu
Author Affiliation(jpn)九州工業大学; 九州工業大学; 九州工業大学; 九州工業大学; 九州工業大学; 九州工業大学
Author Affiliation(eng)Kyushu Institute of Technology; Kyushu Institute of Technology; Kyushu Institute of Technology; Kyushu Institute of Technology; Kyushu Institute of Technology; Kyushu Institute of Technology
Issue Date2005-03-31
PublisherJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Publication title第1回宇宙環境シンポジウム報告書
Proceedings of the First Spacecraft Environment Symposium
Start page46
End page50
Publication date2005-03-31
AbstractAt the laboratory, the space environment proof test to evaluate the performance of the solar array against arcing is being performed. Since most test facilities are not large enough to accommodate a full solar panel, laboratories usually use coupons. Usually, the capacitance of coverglass is simulated by connecting a capacitor in the external circuit. But, there are big differences among research organizations about how much capacitance is appropriate. The international standard about the ground test conditions does not exist. The purpose of this research is to investigate the influence of coverglass on arcing phenomena on GEO satellite solar array. The experiment is performed by using a large solar array coupon (400 x 400 mm). The coupon has 50 Si cells. Extent of neutralization differs for each arc. Less charge is neutralized as the distance from arc spot increases. At the worst case, 53 percent charge was neutralized at 325 mm. Plasma propagation velocity is of the order of 10(exp 4) m/s but differ widely for each arc.
DescriptionJAXA Special Publication
Keywordsaerospace environment; solar array; arc discharge; GEO; plasma propagation; charging experiment; arc plasma; electron beam; 航空宇宙環境; 太陽電池アレイ; アーク放電; GEO; プラズマ伝播; 帯電試験; アークプラズマ; 電子ビーム
Document TypeConference Paper
JAXA Category特別資料
Report NoJAXA-SP-04-010

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