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titleAKARI sheds light on the red side of active galactic nuclei at z = 0 to z = 6
Author(eng)Im, Myungshin
Author Affiliation(eng)Seoul National University
Issue Date2018-03-09
PublisherJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Publication titleJAXA Special Publication: The Cosmic Wheel and the Legacy of the AKARI archive: from galaxies and stars to planets and life
Start page209
End page216
Publication date2018-03-09
AbstractThis paper presents highlights from AKARI studies of active galactic nuclei (AGNs). Using its unique spectroscopic capability at 2.5 to 5.0 micrometers, AKARI revealed for the first time the redshifted H alpha lines and the rest-frame optical spectra of AGNs at z is greater than 4 and less than 6, establishing the luminosity scaling relations in the optical at high redshift and tracing the black hole mass growth history in the early universe based on black hole (BH) mass estimators in the optical. The AKARI's NIR spectroscopy also helped researchers detect the Brackett lines and 3.3 micrometers PAH features and traced the hot/warm dust emission of nearby AGNs and luminous infrared galaxies, showing promises of these spectral features to examine the host galaxy star formation rate and the black hole masses. The NIR spectroscopy of low redshift AGNs also revealed a rather cooler nature of the hot dust emission with T approximately 1100K than previously discussed. AKARI also produced other interesting scientific results utilizing its pan-chromatic mid-infrared (MIR) imaging capability. AKARI made pioneering contributions to the MIR selection of obscured/unobscured AGNs, two-sided nature of AGN feedback in the galaxy evolution, and the AGN contribution in luminous infrared galaxies. These results pave ways for infrared studies of AGN by post-AKARI/future facilities and we expect that studies of the data gained by AKARI will continue to make valuable contributions to our understanding of AGNs.
DescriptionMeeting Information: The 4th AKARI International Conference: The Cosmic Wheel and the Legacy of the AKARI archive: from galaxies and stars to planets and life (October 17-20, 2017. The University of Tokyo), Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Physical characteristics: Original contains color illustrations
会議情報: 第4回「あかり」国際会議 (2017年10月17-20日. 東京大学), 文京区, 東京
形態: カラー図版あり
KeywordsActive galactic nuclei; Quasars; Galaxy evolution; High redshift universe
Document TypeConference Paper
JAXA Category特別資料
NASA Subject CategoryAstronomy
Report NoJAXA-SP-17-009E

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