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Other TitlePreparation of ammonium nitrate/ammonium perchlorate-based solid propellant for combustion control by N2O supply
Author(jpn)中迫, 友康; 東, 英子; 松永, 浩貴; 橘, 武史; 加藤, 勝美
Author(eng)Nakasako, Tomoyasu; Higashi, Eiko; Matsunaga, Hiroki; Tachibana, Takeshi; Kato, Katsumi
Author Affiliation(jpn)福岡大学; 福岡大学; 福岡大学; 九州工業大学; 福岡大学
Author Affiliation(eng)Fukuoka University; Fukuoka University; Fukuoka University; Kyushu Institute of Technology; Fukuoka University
Issue Date2019-02-28
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Publication title宇宙航空研究開発機構研究開発報告: 高エネルギー物質研究会: 平成30年度研究成果報告書
JAXA Research and Development Report: Technical Report of The Research Activity for High Energy Materials (2018)
Start page49
End page55
Publication date2019-02-28
AbstractN2O供給により燃焼をON/OFF制御できる非自律燃焼性(非自燃性)固体推進薬の調製を試み,その燃焼性を調査した.本研究では,スプレードライにより防湿処理を施した硝酸アンモニウム(AN)と過塩素酸アンモニウム(AP)を酸化剤とし,末端水酸基ポリブタジエン(HTPB)をバインダとした固体推進薬を調製した.HTPBを23.5 wt%とし,酸化剤中のAN/AP比を40/60,50/50,60/40 とした推進薬についてN2雰囲気0.3-6.0 MPa で燃焼試験を行ったところ,AN/AP=40/60 はすべての圧力範囲で燃焼が完結したが,50/50 および60/40 では0.5-0.7 MPa 以下で着火しなかった.これら2 種類の推進薬は,N2O供給下,0.3 MPa での燃焼試験では燃焼が持続し,N2O供給を止めると燃焼が停止したため,本実験で調製したAN/AP 系推進薬はN2O供給により燃焼をON/OFF制御できる可能性が示唆された.
In this study, in an attempt to prepare propellants capable of on/off control of combustion by oxidizing gas supply, we prepared incombustible propellants in a N2 atmosphere composed of moisture-proof ammonium nitrate (AN) prepared by spray drying and ammonium perchlorate (AP) as oxidizers and hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) as a fuel, and investigated their combustibility by N2O supply. The burning tests performed under a N2 atmosphere for the propellants having different AN/AP mass ratios (AN/AP = 40/60, 50/50, and 60/40) with 23.5 wt% HTPB revealed that the AN/AP=50/50 and 60/40 samples did not ignite under pressures less than 0.5-0.7 MPa, whereas the AN/AP=40/60 sample burned under the entire tested pressure range (0.3-6.0 MPa). Moreover, it was confirmed that the AN/AP=50/50 and 60/40 samples stably burned under N2O supply at 0.3 MPa. However, when the N2O supply was stopped, their combustion was interrupted with a little time delay, suggesting that combustion of the prepared propellants can be controlled by regulating the N2O supply.
Description形態: カラー図版あり
Physical characteristics: Original contains color illustrations
KeywordsIncombustible AN/AP-based propellant; control of combustion; N2O supply
Document TypeTechnical Report
JAXA Category研究開発報告
NASA Subject CategoryPropellants and Fuels
Report NoJAXA-RR-18-006

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