JAXA Repository / AIREX 未来へ続く、宙(そら)への英知

JAXA Publication series

JAXA publication series are to combine the research and the development of JAXA into paper media and/or electronic media.
If you click "Type" which is classified into 4 categories or "Series" which is continuously published about the reports of the projects and/or the achievements, this webpage will be automatically scrolled down to "Type" or "Series".


Research and Development Report (RR)    Notice to Contributors    Ethics Statement

Research and Development Report (RR) is publications of academic paper about results of research and development of JAXA.

Research and Development Memorandum (RM)

Research and Development Memorandum (RM) is publications about results of prompt reports and/or value as a source such as reports of current research and development, accomplishment reports, experiment data and/or observation data.

Special Publication (SP)

Special Publication (SP) is preprints or reprinting about activity reports of projects, accomplishment reports and/or research meetings.

Contract Report (CR)

Contract Report (CR) is publications which were made by contractors subject to agreements with JAXA.