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JAXA Publication series

JAXA publication series are to combine the research and the development of JAXA into paper media and/or electronic media.
If you click "Type" which is classified into 4 categories or "Series" which is continuously published about the reports of the projects and/or the achievements, this webpage will be automatically scrolled down to "Type" or "Series".


ISSN 2433-2216(Online)
ISSN 1349-1113( Print )
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Research and Development Report (RR) is publications of academic paper about results of research and development of JAXA.

ISSN 2433-2224(Online)
ISSN 1349-1121( Print )

Research and Development Memorandum (RM) is publications about results of prompt reports and/or value as a source such as reports of current research and development, accomplishment reports, experiment data and/or observation data.

ISSN 2433-2232(Online)
ISSN 1349-113X( Print )

Special Publication (SP) is preprints or reprinting about activity reports of projects, accomplishment reports and/or research meetings.

ISSN 2433-2240(Online)
ISSN 1349-1148( Print )

Contract Report (CR) is publications which were made by contractors subject to agreements with JAXA.