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1. 新しい時代の宇宙生命科学: Space and Human Explorationに向けた基礎生物科学研究の方向性について(私見) Space Life Sciences for a New Era: Personal Opinion about the Research Direction in Space Biology for Space and Human Exploration
(著者名) 石岡, 憲昭
(Author) Ishioka, Noriaki
(内容記述) 形態: カラー図版あり
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0915-3616
(刊行物名) 日本マイクログラビティ応用学会誌(Journal Name) JASMA : Journal of the Japan Society of Microgravity Application(巻) 28(号) 4(ページ) 124-130(刊行年月日) 2011
(抄録) In this July, Space Shuttle Atlantis had safely returned to Kennedy Space Center. This was a last mi...
(言語) jpn(資料番号) AA1440035000
2. Are Biological Effects of Space Radiation Really Altered under the Microgravity Environment?
(著者名) 谷田貝, 文夫; 石岡, 憲昭
(Author) Yatagai, Fumio; Ishioka, Noriaki
(内容記述) Accepted: 2014-09-18
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 2214-5524
(Journal Name) Life Sciences in Space Research(巻) 3(ページ) 76-89(刊行年月日) 2014-10
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1005100000
3. 水棲生物を用いた宇宙実験-水棲生物からヒトへ-
(著者名) 石岡, 憲昭; 益川, 充代; 大森, 克徳
(Author) Ishioka, Noriaki; Omori, Katsunori
(文献種別) Journal Article
(Journal Name) Biophilia(巻) 3(号) 3(ページ) 14-21(刊行年月日) 2007
(言語) jpn(資料番号) SA1000241000
4. Proteomic Analysis of Arabidopsis Root Gravitropism
(著者名) 鎌田, 源司; 東谷, 篤志; 石岡, 憲昭
(Author) Kamada, Motoshi; Higashitani, Atsushi; Ishioka, Noriaki
(内容記述) Accepted: 2005-12-26
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0914-9201
(刊行物名) 宇宙生物科学(Journal Name) Biological Sciences in Space(巻) 19(号) 3(ページ) 148-154(刊行年月日) 2005
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1003609000
5. Space Environment, Electromagnetic Fields, and Circadian Rhythm
(著者名) 泉, 龍太郎; 石岡, 憲昭; 水野, 康; ほか
(Author) Izumi, Ryutaro; Ishioka, Noriaki; Mizuno, Koh; et al.
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0753-3322
(Journal Name) Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy(巻) 55(号) Supplement 1(ページ) S25-S31(刊行年月日) 2000-11-11
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1003617000
6. Mutation induction in cultured human cells after low-dose and low-dose-rate gamma-ray irradiation: detection by LOH analysis
(著者名) 石岡, 憲昭
(Author) Umebayashi, Yukihiro; Honma, Masamitsu; Suzuki, Masao; et al.
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0449-3060
(Journal Name) Journal of Radiation Research(巻) 48(号) 1(ページ) 7-11(刊行年月日) 2007
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1000255000
7. Endothelin-1 Improves the Impaired Filterability of Red Blood Cells through the Activationof Protein Kinase C
(著者名) 坂下, 可奈子; 大西, 忠博; 石岡, 憲昭; ほか
(Author) Sakashita, Kanako; Oonishi, Tadahiro; Ishioka, Noriaki; et al.
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0021-521X
(Journal Name) The Japanese Journal of Physiology(巻) 49(号) 1(ページ) 113-120(刊行年月日) 1999
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1003618000
8. JAXA space plant research on the ISS with European Modular Cultivation System.
(著者名) 大森, 克徳; 石岡, 憲昭
(Author) Kamada, Motoshi; Omori, Katsunori; Nishitani, Kazuhiko; et al.
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0914-9201
(Journal Name) Biological Sciences in Space(巻) 21(号) 3(ページ) 62-66(刊行年月日) 2007
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1000238000
9. Reverse genetic approach to exploring genes responsible for cell-wall dynamics in supporting tissues of Arabidopsis thaliana under microgravity conditions
(著者名) 大森, 克徳; 石岡, 憲昭
(Author) Koizumi, Kento; Yokoyama, Ryusuke; Kamada, Motoshi; et al.
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0914-9201
(Journal Name) Biological Sciences in Space(巻) 21(号) 3(ページ) 48-55(刊行年月日) 2007
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1000239000
10. Repair of I-SceI Induced DSB at a specific site of chromosome in human cells: influence of low-dose, low-dose-rate gamma-rays
(著者名) 谷田貝, 文夫; 鈴木, 雅雄; 石岡, 憲昭; ほか
(Author) Yatagai, Fumio; Suzuki, Masao; Ishioka, Noriaki; et al.
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 1432-2099
(Journal Name) Radiation and Environmental Biophysics(巻) 47(号) 4(ページ) 439-444(刊行年月日) 2008
(言語) eng(資料番号) PAIS08109000
11. Effects of Exposure to Microgravity on Neuromuscular Systems: A Review
(著者名) 永友, 文子; 寺田, 昌弘; 石岡, 憲昭; ほか
(Author) Nagatomo, Fumiko; Terada, Masahiro; Ishioka, Noriaki; et al.
(内容記述) 形態: 図版あり
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0915-3616
(刊行物名) 日本マイクログラビティ応用学会誌(Journal Name) JASMA : Journal of the Japan Society of Microgravity Application(巻) 31(号) 2(ページ) 66-71(刊行年月日) 2014
(抄録) Parabolic flight lasting 20-30 s and short-term exposure to microgravity for several weeks have been...
(言語) eng(資料番号) AA1440101000
12. Genomic response of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans to spaceflight
(著者名) 東端, 晃; 石岡, 憲昭
(Author) Selch, Florian; Higashibata, Akira; Imamizo-Sato, Mari; et al.
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0273-1177
(Journal Name) Advances in Space Research(巻) 41(号) 5(ページ) 807-815(刊行年月日) 2007-11-08
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1000235000
13. Growth-related changes in cell body size and succinate dehydrogenase activity of spinal motoneurons innervating the rat soleus muscle
(著者名) 石原, 昭彦; 河野, 史倫; 石岡, 憲昭; ほか
(Author) Ishihara, Akihiko; Kawano, Fuminori; Ishioka, Noriaki; et al.
(内容記述) Accepted: 2003-08-22
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0736-5748
(Journal Name) International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience(巻) 21(号) 8(ページ) 461-469(刊行年月日) 2003-12
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1003613000
14. Comparison of Cell Body Size and Oxidative Enzyme Activity in Motoneurons between the Cervical and Lumbar Segments in the Rat Spinal Cord after Spaceflight and Recovery
(著者名) 石原, 昭彦; 山城, 丈; 松本, 亜季子; ほか
(Author) Ishihara, Akihiko; Yamashiro, Jo; Matsumoto, Akiko; et al.
(内容記述) Accepted: 2005-12-14
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0364-3190
(Journal Name) Neurochemical Research(巻) 31(号) 3(ページ) 411-415(刊行年月日) 2006
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1003604000
15. Decreased expression of myogenic transcription factors and myosin heavy chains in Caenorhabditis elegans muscles developed during spaceflight
(著者名) 東端, 晃; 佐藤今溝, 真理; 東谷, 篤志; ほか
(Author) Higashibata, Akira; Szewczyk, Nathaniel J.; Conley, Catharine A.; et al.
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0022-0949
(Journal Name) Journal of Experimental Biology(巻) 209(ページ) 3209-3218(刊行年月日) 2006
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1000614000
16. Effects of Running Exercise during Recovery from Hindlimb Unloading on Soleus Muscle Fibers and Their Spinal Motoneurons in Rats
(著者名) 石原, 昭彦; 河野, 史倫; 石岡, 憲昭; ほか
(Author) Ishihara, Akihiko; Kawano, Fuminori; Ishioka, Noriaki; et al.
(内容記述) Accepted: 2003-10-14
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0168-0102
(Journal Name) Neuroscience Research(巻) 48(号) 2(ページ) 119-127(刊行年月日) 2004-02
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1003611000
17. Infuluence of simulated microgravity on the activation of the small GTPase Rho involved in crytoskeletal formation - molecular cloning and sequencing of bovine leukemia - associated guanine nucleotide exchange factor
(著者名) 東端, 晃; 佐藤今溝, 真理; 関, 真也; ほか
(Author) Higashibata, Akira; Sato-Imamizo, Mari; Seki, Shinya; et al.
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 1471-2091
(Journal Name) BMC Biochemistry(巻) 7(号) 19(刊行年月日) 2006-06
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1000595000
18. Detection of space radiation-induced double strand breaks as a track in cell nucleus
(著者名) 大西, 武雄; 高橋, 昭久; 永松, 愛子; ほか
(Author) Ohnishi, Takeo; Takahashi, Akihisa; Nagamatsu, Aiko; et al.
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0006-291X
(Journal Name) Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications(巻) 390(号) 3(ページ) 485-488(刊行年月日) 2009-12
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1000769000
19. The Outline and Significance of the Resist Wall Experiment: Role of Microtubule-Membrane-Cell Wall Continuum in Gravity Resistance in Plants
(著者名) 鎌田, 源司; 大森, 克徳; 石岡, 憲昭
(Author) Hoson, Takayuki; Matsumoto, Shouhei; Soga, Kouichi; et al.
(内容記述) 著者人数:12名
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0914-9201
(Journal Name) Biological Sciences in Space(巻) 21(号) 3(ページ) 56-61(刊行年月日) 2007
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1000240000
20. Expression of p53-Regulated Genes in Cultured Mammalian Cells After Exposure to A Space Environment
(著者名) 大西, 武雄; 高橋, 昭久; 鈴木, ひろみ; ほか
(Author) Ohnishi, Takeo; Takahashi, Akihisa; Suzuki, Hiromi; et al.
(内容記述) Accepted: 2009-05-14
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0914-9201
(Journal Name) Biological Sciences in Space(巻) 23(号) 1(ページ) 3-9(刊行年月日) 2009-05
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1001023000
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