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1. Flare-productive active regions
(著者名) 鳥海, 森; Wang, Haimin
(Author) Toriumi, Shin; Wang, Haimin
(内容記述) Accepted: 2019-04-25
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 2367-3648
(Journal Name) Living Reviews in Solar Physics(巻) 16(ページ) 3(刊行年月日) 2019-12
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1190023000
2. Spontaneous Generation of δ-sunspots in Convective Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of Magnetic Flux Emergence
(著者名) 鳥海, 森; 堀田, 英之
(Author) Toriumi, Shin; Hotta, Hideyuki
(内容記述) Accepted: 2019-11-09
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 2041-8205
(Journal Name) The Astrophysical Journal Letters(巻) 886(号) 1(ページ) L21(刊行年月日) 2019-11-20
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1190119000
3. Formation of a Flare-Productive Active Region: Observation and Numerical Simulation of NOAA AR 11158
(著者名) 鳥海, 森; 飯田, 佑輔; 草野, 完也; ほか
(Author) Toriumi, Shin; Iida, Yusuke; Kusano, Kanya; et al.
(内容記述) Accepted: 2014-02-12
(文献種別) Journal Article (ISSN) 0038-0938
(Journal Name) Solar Physics(巻) 289(号) 9(ページ) 3351-3369(刊行年月日) 2014-09
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1140069000
4. Temporal and Spatial Evolutions of a Large Sunspot Group and Great Auroral Storms Around the Carrington Event in 1859
(著者名) Hayakawa, Hisashi; 海老原, 祐輔; Willis, David M.; ほか
(Author) Hayakawa, Hisashi; Ebihara, Yusuke; Willis, David M.; et al.
(内容記述) 著者人数: 13名
(文献種別) Journal Article
(Journal Name) Space Weather(巻) 17(号) 11(ページ) 1553-1569(刊行年月日) 2019-11
(言語) eng(資料番号) SA1190154000