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titleDevelopment of Bench-Scaled Adsorption Type Steam Recovery System for Generating High Temperature Steam from Hot Waste Water
Author(jpn)川上, 理亮; 安部, 義男; 伊藤, 香澄; 丸毛, 謙次; 青山, 俊之; 谷野, 正幸; 中曽, 浩一; 中川, 二彦; 板谷, 義紀; 深井, 潤
Author(eng)Kawakami, Yoshiaki; Abe, Yoshio; Ito, Kasumi; Marumo, Kenji; Aoyama, Toshiyuki; Tanino, Masayuki; Nakaso, Koichi; Nakagawa, Tsuguhiko; Itaya, Yoshinori; Fukai, Jun
Author Affiliation(jpn)高砂熱学工業株式会社; ThyssenKrupp Otto; ThyssenKrupp Otto; 森松工業株式会社; 森松工業株式会社; 高砂熱学工業株式会社; 九州大学; 岡山県立大学; 岐阜大学; 九州大学
Author Affiliation(eng)Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.; ThyssenKrupp Otto; ThyssenKrupp Otto; Morimatsu Industry Co., Ltd.; Morimatsu Industry Co., Ltd.; Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.; Kyushu University; Okayama Prefectural University; Gifu University; Kyushu University
Issue Date2014-11
Research & Development Center of Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.
Publication title高砂熱学工業技術研究所報
Report of Research & Development Center of Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.
Start page87
End page94
Publication date2014-11
AbstractThe system to generate steam from low-grade waste heat is therefore required for the effective utilization of energy. In this study, a novel steam generation process using a direct heat exchange system with adsorbent-water pair is proposed. Contacting water with adsorbent makes excess water evaporate due to the release of adsorption heat from adsorbent. Because this system does not require any heat exchangers, increment in packing density of adsorbent particles in the reactor is expected. The bench-scaled adsorption type steam recovery system of the steam generators for 10-45kg-adsorbent/unit was developed. Operation condition of the steam generation process and the regeneration process of this system were investigated using this equipment of the one or three generator units. As a result, the steam at 170 C (maximum) and 150 C (average) could be generated continuously using the bench-scaled equipment of three steam generators.
Description形態: 図版あり
Physical characteristics: Original contains illustrations
Document TypeTechnical Report
NASA Subject CategoryMechanical Engineering

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