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Other TitleLaunch of a rocket
Author(jpn)野田 慶一郎
Author(eng)Noda, Keiichiro
Author Affiliation(jpn)宇宙開発事業団 種子島宇宙センター 発射管制課
Author Affiliation(eng)National Space Development Agency of Japan Launch Operations Division, Tanegashima Space Center
Issue Date2000-07
PublisherNational Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA)
Publication title宇宙開発事業団会議報告
NASDA Conference Publication
Start page155, 157-175
Publication date2000-07
AbstractThe fundamental flight principles of a rocket are explained with basic formulas, basic numerical values, and graphs, on such items as the role of a rocket, kinds of orbits and their energies, the propulsion system, the nozzle theory, the flight path, the attitude control, and the guidance system. To explain them based on the example, the main dimensions of H-2 and H-2A rockets are shown. Then, the following necessary ideal velocities were calculated: (1) the speed to launch to the circular orbit at height of 200 km; (2) the speed to transfer from the circular orbit at height of 200 km to the geostationary transient orbit; and (3) the speed to transfer from the geostationary transient orbit to the geostationary (drift) orbit. Furthermore, the flight sequences, the trajectory of present positions, flight parameters, and the station tracking parameters of the H-2 eighth rocket were shown using the real data.
Keywordstarget orbit; flight path; propulsion system; ideal speed distribution; nozzle theory; attitude control; guidance system; H 2 rocket; H 2A rocket; performance evaluation; flight characteristic; station tracking; 目的軌道; 飛行経路; 推進システム; 理想速度配分; ノズル理論; 姿勢制御; 誘導システム; H-2ロケット; H-2Aロケット; 性能評価; 飛行特性; 局追尾
Document TypeTechnical Report
JAXA Category宇宙開発事業団
Report NoNASDA-CON-000002

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