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Other TitleDevelopment and Utilization of Particle Image Velocimetry Method
Author(jpn)長尾, 隆央; Shekhar, Chandra; 高和, 潤弥; 松野, 伸介; 大内田, 聡
Author(eng)Nagao, Takahisa; Shekhar, Chandra; Kouwa, Junya; Matsuno, Shinsuke; Ohuchida, Satoshi
Author Affiliation(jpn)株式会社IHI; 株式会社IHI; 株式会社IHI; 株式会社IHI; 株式会社IHI
Author Affiliation(eng)IHI Corporation; IHI Corporation; IHI Corporation; IHI Corporation; IHI Corporation
Issue Date2015-03-01
Administration Department, Corporate Research & Development, IHI
Publication titleIHI技報
Journal of IHI technologies
Start page39
End page49
Publication date2015-03-01
AbstractParticle Image Velocimetry (PIV)は,流体内に混入した指標となる粒子を光で照らし,粒子の動きを撮影することで流速分布を計測する手法である.IHIで行っているPIV技術開発と,PIVを製品開発に直結する研究に適用した事例を報告する.現在,開発を進めている最先端技術として,空間上の三次元的な速度分布を計測可能にしたトモグラフィックPIVについて紹介する.製品開発への適用としては,ジェットエンジン内部空洞を模した流路内の流動や,ターボ機械の旋回失速現象を計測した事例などを紹介する.
Particle Image Velocimetry ( PIV ) is a measurement method for velocity distribution of fluid flow. Laser light illuminates tracer particles in the fluid flow and the particle movement is captured by a camera and computer. In this report, the status of the latest PIV developments and examples of applications to product development are introduced, beginning with the development of the cutting-edge tomographic PIV method. This method makes it possible to measure velocity distribution in three-dimensional space. Actual cases of PIV measurement are also described, which include unsteady flow measurement in the rotating cavity of a jet engine using a time-resolved PIV system, and rotating stall in the vaneless diffuser of a centrifugal compressor.
Description形態: カラー図版あり
Physical characteristics: Original contains color illustrations
Document TypeTechnical Report
NASA Subject CategoryFluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

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