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Other TitleEffect of laughter on stress based on long-term monitoring of sound waves emitted from the throat
Author(jpn)辻村, 肇; 黒木, 勇介; 大平, 哲也; 松村, 雅史
Author(eng)Tsujimura, Hajime; Kuroki, Yusuke; Ohira, Tetsuya; Matsumura, Masafumi
Author Affiliation(jpn)大阪電気通信大学 : 鳥取市医療看護専門学校; 大阪電気通信大学; 福島県立医科大学; 大阪電気通信大学
Author Affiliation(eng)Osaka Electro-Communication University : ‐; Osaka Electro-Communication University; Fukushima Medical University; Osaka Electro-Communication University
Issue Date2015-07-31
Osaka Electro-Communication University
Publication title大阪電気通信大学研究論集: 自然科学編
Memoirs of Osaka Electro-Communication University: Natural Science
Start page43
End page51
Publication date2015-07-31
AbstractAlthough laughter is a well-known method for alleviating stress, its stress reduction effects have rarely been quantitatively evaluated. The purpose of this study was to investigate laughter in everyday life and its effect on stress. A small, portable throat microphone that could automatically extract bursts of laughter was used to record the everyday laughter of five 20-year-old men. A salivary amylase monitor was to assess stress levels. As a result, frequent and infrequent laughter were found to be associated with a decrease and an increase in salivary amylase activity, respectively. From our results, increasing the occurrence of laughter, thus reducing the level of salivary amylase activity, may lead to health maintenance or health enhancement.
Description形態: 図版あり
Physical characteristics: Original contains illustrations
Document TypeDepartmental Bulletin Paper
NASA Subject CategoryMan/System Technology and Life Support

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