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title抗菌性PVAハイドロゲル膜の構造とその特性: 材料分析室利用研究成果, そのXXVI(2)
Other TitleStructure and characteristics of antibacterial PVA hydrogel films: Research works accomplished by using materials analysis facilities: XXVI (2)
Author(jpn)大町, 理未; 和田, 理征; 清水, 秀信; 岡部, 勝
Author(eng)Omachi, Satomi; Wada, Risei; Shimizu, Hidenobu; Okabe, Masaru
Author Affiliation(jpn)神奈川工科大学; 神奈川工科大学; 神奈川工科大学; 神奈川工科大学
Author Affiliation(eng)Kanagawa Institute of Technology; Kanagawa Institute of Technology; Kanagawa Institute of Technology; Kanagawa Institute of Technology
Issue Date2016-03-20
Kanagawa Institute of Technology
Publication title神奈川工科大学研究報告
Research Reports of Kanagawa Institute of Technology
Start page33
End page34
Publication date2016-03-20
AbstractPoly(vinyl alcohol) is known to have high moisture content and nontoxicity. In this study, chemically cross-linked poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogel films were prepared by adding glutaraldehyde as the cross-linker. Cross-linked gels were chemically stable and resistant to heat. Antibacterial hydrogels were obtained by blending chitosan solutions with different concentrations. The value of Young's modulus of PVA hydrogel film increased with increasing chitosan content. According to the shake method (SIAA), these hydrogels exhibit antibacterial activity against Staphyrococcus aureus. These hydrogel films will be useful to the food packing material.
Description形態: 図版あり
Physical characteristics: Original contains illustrations
KeywordsPoly(vinyl alcohol); Chitosan; Glutaraldehyde; Chemically Cross-linked Gel; Antibacterial Activity
Document TypeDepartmental Bulletin Paper
NASA Subject CategoryChemistry and Materials (General)

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