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Other TitleDevelopment of Plastic Molding Technologies of Wing-Structured Turbofans
Author(jpn)相澤, 龍彦; 山田, 崇; 松田, 正雄
Author(eng)Aizawa, Tatsuhiko; Yamada, Takashi; Matsuda, Masao
Author Affiliation(jpn)芝浦工業大学; 芝浦工業大学; 松田金型工業株式会社
Author Affiliation(eng)Shibaura Institute of Technology; Shibaura Institute of Technology; Matsuda Mold Engineering, Co. Ltd
Issue Date2016-03-31
Shibaura Institute of Technology
Publication title芝浦工業大学研究報告: 理工系編. 人文系編
The research reports of Shibaura Institute of Technology: Natural sciences and engineering. Social sciences and humanities
Start page59
End page68
Publication date2016-03-31
AbstractThe wing-structured turbofans have been widely utilized in various industrial systems. In particular, the continuous plastic turbofans become popular because of their light-weight, structural integrity and cost-competitiveness. In the present paper, the engineering base for design of multi-wing structured turbofans for each application is built in with importance on the effect of geometric parameters on the pressure and volume velocity distributions. Next, the mechatronic mold design is proposed to make a single shot injection molding of turbofans. This mold design holds on the efficient production of various wing-structures in practice. Mini-/micro continuous turbofans with multi-wing structures are fabricated by the mini-mold-stamping system on the basis of miniature mechatronic mold design.
Description形態: CD-ROM1枚
形態: 図版あり
Note: One CD-ROM
Physical characteristics: Original contains illustrations
KeywordsTurbofans; Multi-wing structure; Mechatronic mold; Single-shot injection molding; Mini-turbofans; CFD
Document TypeDepartmental Bulletin Paper
NASA Subject CategoryMechanical Engineering

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