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titleMonitoring vegetation systems in the Great Plains with ERTS
Full Text URIhttp://hdl.handle.net/2060/19740022614
Author(eng)Rouse, J. W., Jr.; Deering, D. W.; Haas, R. H.; Schell, J. A.
Author Affiliation(eng)Texas A&M Univ.
Issue Date1974-01-01
DescriptionThe Great Plains Corridor rangeland project utilizes natural vegetation systems as phenological indicators of seasonal development and climatic effects upon regional growth conditions. A method has been developed for quantitative measurement of vegetation conditions over broad regions using ERTS-1 MSS data. Radiance values recorded in ERTS-1 spectral bands 5 and 7, corrected for sun angle, are used to compute a band ratio parameter which is shown to be correlated with aboveground green biomass on rangelands.
Report No74N30727
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