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Other TitleExtension of Operating Range of a Centrifugal Compressor by Use of a Non-Axisymmetric Diffuser
Author(jpn)鄭, 新前; 林, 韵; 川久保, 知己; 玉木, 秀明
Author(eng)Zheng, Xinqian; Lin, Yun; Kawakubo, Tomoki; Tamaki, Hideaki
Author Affiliation(jpn)清華大学; 清華大学; 株式会社IHI; 株式会社IHI
Author Affiliation(eng)Tsinghua University; Tsinghua University; IHI Corporation; IHI Corporation
Issue Date2016-05-23
Corporate Research & Development, IHI
Publication titleIHI技報
Journal of IHI technologies
Start page45
End page59
Publication date2016-05-23
In recent years, higher performance, including higher flow capacities and pressure ratios, is required of the centrifugal compressors used in turbochargers, while compactness is also required in views of improved installability and lower costs. Due to these mutually conflicting requirements, the internal flow velocity tends to increase and the circumferential pressure distortion generated by the non-axisymmetric geometric nature of the discharge scroll gets harsher, and both of these result in the reduction of the stable operating range. In an attempt to overcome this difficulty, a vaneless diffuser with a non-axisymmetric passage geometry has been developed which can suppress the circumferential pressure distortion and consequently retard the occurrence of the destabilizing flow conditions. Performance tests of both the axisymmetric and the non-axisymmetric diffusers confirmed that the non-axisymmetric design can extend the stable flow range by 28% over the conventional axisymmetric design.
Description形態: カラー図版あり
Physical characteristics: Original contains color illustrations
Document TypeTechnical Report
NASA Subject CategoryMechanical Engineering

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