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Other TitleThe Design and the Fabrication of the Body Fairing for the Man Powered Airplane
Author(jpn)岩崎, 洋平; 酒井, 謙二
Author(eng)Iwasaki, Yohei; Sakai, Kenji
Author Affiliation(jpn)第一工業大学航空宇宙工学科; 第一工業大学航空工学科
Author Affiliation(eng)Department of Aerospace Engineering, Daiichi Institute of Technology; Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Daiichi Institute of Technology
Issue Date2012-03
Daiichi Institute of Technology
Publication title第一工業大学研究報告
Research Report, Daiichi Institute of Technology
Start page9
End page14
Publication date2012-03
AbstractThe body fairing has been designed and fabricated for the Daiichi Institute of Technology’s man powered airplane. The body fairing for the man powered airplane is useful to keep safety for the pilot and to reduce the airplane drag. And also it must be considered to keep the inside temperature low, because the contest will be held at summer season. By using this body fairing, the Daiichi Institute of Technology's man powered airplane flighted at the distance of 208m at the Biwako man powered airplane contest at July 31, 2011.
Description形態: カラー図版あり
Physical characteristics: Original contains color illustrations
KeywordsMan Powered Airplane; Body Fairing; Design and Fabrication
Document TypeDepartmental Bulletin Paper

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